---- PDQ-4 Lite Instructions ----

Below is a series of 54 statements. Each statement describes a pattern of behavior or thinking. Consider each statement carefully and then decide if the statement is describes the way you act or think.

  • If the statement clearly describes your thinking or actions answer "That's me"
  • If the statement somewhat describes your thinking or actions answer "Somewhat me"
  • If the statement is not consistent your thinking or actions answer "That's not me"

    Take your time and carefully consider your response. There are no trick questions. Be honest to yourself when you answer the questions, you are completing the test for you own benefit. You must answer each question before you can go on. Once you have completed all of the questions you will move to a second page where you will be asked a few demographic questions and then you will see your results.

    Note that the results from this test will provide feedback on some personality-related problems or issues you may be experiencing. This is not the kind of test that gives you information similar to that found in a personality "type" evaluation in a magazine or "pop" psychology book; which will tend to tell you that you are a "wonderful creative person and the reason you are unhappy is that you need to experience life more so go out and socialize." This test will point out potential problems or concerns so the less feedback the better.

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  • You must verify your responses or the test will fail

    Note: an annonamized copy of your responses may be kept for research purpuses.