Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire for the DSM IV 

The Official PDQ-4  website                                                              A Leading Personality Disorder Screening Tool  


The Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire is  used internationally by health professionals as a screening tool for the presence  DSM IV Axis II Personality disorders.


The PDQ-4 can be used by psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and other mental health professionals to aid in screening patients.


About the PDQ-4

The test consists of 99 True/False questions that are followed-up with additional questions focussed inquires on disorders that may have clincal significance.

The questions are closely aligned with the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-IV.

The results from the screening test are intended provide an indication of key features of the each personaility disorder. However, the formal diagnosis of the presence of a PD can only made by a trained professional.

The PDQ-4 can be adminstered in paper and pencil format or on-line.

Example of a true/false question

I know that people will take advantage of me or cheat me if I let them    (T/F)


Personality Disorders Evaluated by the PDQ-4: 

- Schizoid
- Schizotypal
- Depressive
- Histrionic
- Narcissistic
- Borderline
- Antisocial & Conduct Disorder
- Avoidant
- Dependent
- Obsessive
- Compulsive Negativistic
- Depressive


Optional Demographic Questions

- Age
- Sex
- Education
- Marital Status
- Ethnic Origin