Would you like to be evaluted by the PDQ-4 ?

We are now offering the opportunityfor you to evaluted by  the on-line version  of the PDQ-4.


If you answer the questions honestly, the evalution will provide you with feedback on whether you could have a clinically significant personality disorder. However, it is important that you understand the formal diagnosis of a personality disorder must be completed qualified mental health professional such as a clinical pyschologist, or psychiatrist.


These professionals are able to determine whether the behaviors that you exhibit are indicators of a issue related to a personality disorder or whether the behaviours are related to other factors- such as cultural differences or other factoes influenceing your life.



How does the evaluation work?


If you choose to complete the evaluation, after you have registred, you will be sent a login code so that you may complete the on-line version of the PDQ-4 test.


The test will take between 20 minutes to one hour to comeplete depending on your answers.  You should make sure that you complete the test in a confortable and uninterupted environment.


Once you have completed the test your results will be submitted and reviewed by a psychologist. You will be sent a report on how you did on the test in about 2 working days. In some circumstances you may be sent an email asking additional questions for clairifiactoin before your reveive te final report.


Good news is little news


One thing that is important to note is that if you do not have any behaviours that indicate a personality disorder the report you will recieve will be rather short.  This is good news but you might feel that you did not get a gerat deal of value from doing the test. There is no real way around this situation. 


In order to give you a better presepctive of whether the test my be right for you below we have listed a sample of some of true/false questions that you will be asked.


T/F I waste no time in getting back at people who insult me.
T/F I am not interested in having close friends.
T/F I can often sense, or feel things, that others can’t.
T/F I take relationships more seriously than do those who I’m involved with.
T/F I often find myself thinking about how great a person I am, or will be.
T/F I either love someone or hate them, with nothing in between.
T/F I do a lot of things without considering the consequences.
T/F I avoid working with others who may criticize me.
T/F I fear losing the support of others if I disagree with them.
T/F I often get lost in details and lose sight of the “big picture.”
T/F I feel that others don’t understand or appreciate me.
T/F I am usually depressed.


 If you answered True to one of the above example test questions don't be overly concerned. The test  looks for a systematic pattern of behaviours. Everyone has their "quirks".


Also if you are below the age of 18 or if you have significant drug or alcohol problems, the results of the test will not be useful to you. 








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